2. Creating a User Account
  3. Creating a Group Account
  4. Add Users to Security Groups
  5. Remove Users from Security Groups
  6. Deleting a User-Account
  7. Deleting a User-Group-Account
  8. Create or Change Security Password
  9. Clear Security Password
  10. Assign or Remove Permissions
  11. Assign Default Permissions
  12. View/Transfer Ownership of Objects
  13. Transfer Ownership of Database
  14. Set Permissions to Run/View Query
  15. Default Permissions for new Query
  16. RunPermissions Property
  17. Converting Database Old-Versions
  18. Converting Old-Version Workgroup File
  19. Sharing Previous Version Database


  1. Command Button Animation
  2. Creating 3D Text on Forms/Reports
  3. Creating 2D Text with Borders on Forms/Reports
  4. Creating 3D Text with Borders on Forms/Reports
  5. Creating 3D Text with customizable Shadow setting
  6. Using Office-Assistant with MessageBox
  7. How to use Common Dialogue Control (File Browser) in MS-Access
  8. How to create a Reminder Ticker on Form
  9. How to Import/Export Microsoft Access Objects using VB Code.
  10. How to Create an Excel File from Microsoft Access and write data into it.
  11. How to create a Word File from Microsoft Access and write text into it.
  12. How to create a Text File using FileSystemObject.
  13. How to Rename File using FileSystemObject.
  14. How to display Drive, Folder and File information using FileSystemObject.
  15. H O M E